We connect patients
to their local health environment
through digital tools to improve
their quality of life at home.

A smart AI-based data platform
for healthcare

We developed an intelligent software solution to collect, process and analyze patient data. We believe that real world data and artificial intelligence are an opportunity for all healthcare stakeholders to improve personalized care.

DOMO Care : a patient-oriented solution

Patients are equipped with the DOMO Care app, IoT, wearables and certified medical devices. DOMO Care allows patients to fill in clinical screening tools, provide feedback on their condition, and visualize the evolution of their health parameters. Ultimately, DOMO Care automates real world data collection while improving patients’ safety at home.

DOMO Pro : digital innovation for health professionals

Healthcare professionals are equipped with the DOMO Pro web and mobile app integrated to their existing systems, as well as certified medical devices designed to take readings during their consultations.
DOMO Pro provides health professionals with a holistic view of their patients’ health status. That enables the medical team to remotely monitor them. All data are consolidated and visualized in the form of scores, digital biomarkers and graphs for a smooth user experience.

Our AI-powered digital platform

Our AI-powered digital platform draws on multiple sources of continuous and longitudinal real-world data such as wearables, medical devices, IoT, mobile applications and digital clinical scores and scales. These data provide key insights about health issues ranging from neurodegenerative to cardiovascular diseases. We developed a library of digital biomarkers for general health and specific conditions using novel artificial intelligence techniques and clinical expertise. Our interactive visualization platform and change-detection tools continuously monitor disease trajectories, improve anamnesis and enable personalized treatment and preventive care.

A strong guarantee for all our solutions

Our solutions reflect the technological state of the art. To guarantee their reliability, robustness and security, we are ISO 13485 certified. In addition, protecting our user’s privacy is a fundamental engagement. As such, we comply with the GDPR and international data protection regulation.

Certifications linked to Azure

ISO 9001
ISO 27001

Key figures

15 publications

3 patents

7 clinical trials

10 years worth of health
data collected

Over 300’000 days worth
of data collected

We connect patients
to their health environment to improve
the patient journey

Our solution rethinks the care pathway to create a continuity of care at the patients’ home. To do this, we rely on the collection and analysis of real world data that provides essential insights to understanding the patients’ health and their ecosystem. We want to actively contribute to the implementation of integrated, personalized care that generates value for patients and their loved ones.


Support patients with neurological conditions:
The example of Parkinson’s disease

The DOMO platform can monitor up to 19 parameters relevant in Parkinson’s disease. They are captured during the patient’s sleep and over a determined period of time. A change index is calculated by a deep learning algorithm for each parameter and represented by a heatmap. It demonstrates, for instance, strong changes in the “awakening rate” and “sleep fragmentation index” compared to a baseline. This tool supports physicians in their anamnesis and in personalizing the treatments they prescribe.

Remotely monitor discharged patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases

The DOMO platform connects patients suffering from a heart attack, an agina pectoris or an incipent heart failure to their health facility to support them in managing their discharge. DOMO worked hand-in-hand with cardiologists to define the relevant metrics and protocols. Nurses remotely monitor patients in real-time, provide personalized support and coordinate with GPs, homecare and health facilities in case of a deterioration. Should patients encouter an emergency, they are given access to a 24/7 call center that can assess their situation and guide them towards the appropriate care.

Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA)
A rare neuromuscular disorder

We launched a partnership with Roche Pharma (Switzerland) Ltd in Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA), a rare neuromuscular disorder. Under this partnership, we are working together to improve the quality of life of people living with SMA. As care is shifting from hospital to home, we believe that continuous data collection by non-invasive ambient and wearable sensors, coupled with easy visualization, empowers better monitoring of the patients’ condition. As a result, their care and well-being can be optimized faster and more easily. The prospects for AI are also enormous in SMA, with the potential to detect early and perhaps even predict sudden health deteriorations, respiration issues or infections (e.g. pneumonia) or falls.

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A common mission

We wish to accomplish our mission through synergies with our partners who share our vision and our ambitions. Partners who believe in innovation to guarantee patients a better quality of life, for longer, and at home. Among them, health establishments, universities, manufacturers or experts in new technologies.

Microsoft Azure
Mutualité Française
Home Instead
Invacare - Yes you can
SMA Schweiz

Management Team

Guillaume DuPasquier

CEO – Co-founder

Serge Grisard

COO – Co-founder

Jérôme Beck

Sales & Marketing Director

Dr. Philipp Buluschek


Laurent Vincent

General Manager France

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